Title Migration of spotted mackerel Scomber australasicus estimated from a tagging experiment off Ashizuri Cape and around the Izu Islands, central and southern Pacific coast of Japan
Authers Kazuya NASHIDA, Hitoshi HONDA, Hideo SAKAJI, Takumi MITANI, Kazuyuki HIRAI and Shinji UEHARA
Keywords spotted mackerel, normal tag, release experiment, migration
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. supplement No. 17, 1-15, 2006
To examine the migration of spotted mackerel Scomber australasicus in the waters of the Pacific Ocean around Japan, 9,268 individuals were tagged with normal spaghetti anchor tag and released in the waters around Ashizuri Cape and the Izu Islands from February 1999 to November 2003. A total of 83 fish were recaptured until May 2005, and the total recapture rate is 0.9%. Of these, 68(81.9%)fish were recaptured in the waters adjacent to the release sites. Two fish were recaptured in the waters of Kumano-nada and three fish off the Sanriku coast. These results suggest that the spotted mackerel migrated eastward and northward over a long distance in a relatively short period in the feeding season. Two fish released in the Enshu-nada were recaptured off Ashizuri Cape after a period up to 2 years (one in main spawning season).Five fish were recaptured in the adjacent waters of the release sites after more than one year in the present study. Based on these results we suggest that the spotted mackerel migrates eastward and northward for feeding and returns to the wintering or spawning grounds in successive years, or remain in the same area for more than one year after release.
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull17/nashida.pdf