Title Feeds development for post-larval spiny lobster: A review
Authers Kevin C. WILLIAMS
Keywords rock lobster, nutrition, digestibility, protein, attractants
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. No. 20, 25-37, 2007
On-growing of spiny lobster from wild seed is a thriving aquaculture industry in SE Asia and most notably in Vietnam where production of the tropical lobster Panulirus ornatus is estimated at more than 2,000 tonnes per annum. Present culture relies on lobsters being fed fresh fishery by-catch. The dwindling supply of these feeds and their downstream environmental impact have increased the priority to develop sustainable and more eco-friendly pelleted feeds. Efforts to develop palatable and high performance pelleted dry feeds for spiny lobster grow-out is reviewed in this paper with particular emphasis on Australian research with temperate (Jasus spp.) and tropical (P. ornatus) species. This research has increased our understanding of the lobster’s requirements for critical nutrients such as protein and total lipid and progressed the development of pelleted dry feeds for lobster grow-out.
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull20/04.pdf