Title Protein Production Advantages in the Face of Increasing Feed Costs:
Identifying Opportunities within the Aquaculture Industry
Authers Gina Louise SHAMSHAK and James L. ANDERSON
Keywords aquaculture, fisheries, fish meal, fish oil, sustainability
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. No.31, 55-62, 2010
This research provides an overview of the recent price trends of key feed ingredients. This includes a discussion of the current and future trends in production and prices for both agricultural (soybeans, corn) as well as marine-based (fishmeal, fish oil) sources. The focus then turns to a discussion of feed ingredients and feed costs as they relate to the production of key proteins, including both agriculture and aquaculture sources of production (e.g. broilers, shrimp, salmon, and catfish). It is then argued that the aquaculture sector is in a strong position to provide quality protein at competitive prices despite increases in raw feed materials prices. A critical factor is the degree to which the aquaculture sector, and further, certain species within the aquaculture sector, can substitute across key feed ingredients. Substitution gives farmers the opportunity to reduce feed costs in the face of rising feed prices by allowing them to find feed combinations that are both cost effective and nutritionally sufficient. Further, nutritional knowledge allows farmers the ability to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities when the relative prices of key ingredients change. Thus, aquaculture has the opportunity to manage feed costs in manner that is cost effective while also maintaining high quality protein production.
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull31/31-3-1.pdf