Title Resources of Laminaria (Saccharina) japonica on the southwestern coast of Sakhalin island in recent years. Tasks of investigations for the near period
Authers Dmitry Galanin, Lubov Balkonskaya and Natalya Prokhorova
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. No.32, 43-46, 2010
The current state of the resources Laminaria japonica on the coasts Sakhalin island is satisfactory. In also the time, the large areas of stone ground are not populated. Recent year the resources of algae continue to be reduced, especially in the places of fishing. Exception case with associations of macrophyte was found in the extreme south of Sakhalin Island (fishing is not). Here the decrease of the biomass of algae is not observed. To the next five years we planned the complex investigations of hydrobiological for the purpose to establish the reasons for the reduction of the resources of Laminaria japonica on the coast of Sakhalin. Analogous investigations are planned by Japanese researchers from Hokkaido Central Fisheries Experiment Station on the west coast of Hokkaido. As the hypothesis three groups of the reasons, which most probably influence the development of the succession of associations, are examined by us. These are oceanographic causes, anthropogenic and biotic factors. The force of the influence of each for us is in prospect to determine in the course of the planned five-year studies. For the solution of the problems presented, Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography plans to create two testing areas for the hydrobiological monitoring, with the setting for each of the station of the autonomous measurement of temperature. Annually planned to make oceanographic observations in Sea of Japan along 47° 20’N. Furthermore, in the work will be begun to operate one autonomous stream gauge (shore of the southern part of Tatarskiy Strait, Japan sea).
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull32/43-46.pdf