Title Present status of chum salmon stocks
Authers Toru NAGASAWA
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. No.39, 3-7, 2015
Among species of Pacific salmon, chum salmon rank second only to Chinook salmon in having the largest adult body size and second to pink salmon in highest abundance. Chum salmon also have the widest geographic distribution of all Pacific salmon species. Two major seasonal groups, summer chum and autumn chum, are recognized in Asia and North America. In Asia, summer chum salmon are native to Kamchatka, northern Okhotsk coast, northeastern Sakhalin, and the Amur River regions. Autumn chum salmon are native to Japan, the southern coast of Sakhalin, Korea, and the Amur River.
 The coastal commercial catches of chum salmon have remained at historically high levels of abundance in the North Pacific since the 1990s. The relative abundance of chum salmon varies decreases from north to south in both Asian and North America. Favorable ocean conditions and improved hatchery programs have supported overall high abundance levels of Asian chum salmon, but in some southern regions adult returns have decreased since the mid 2000s. Hatchery releases of chum salmon have been constant in Japan since the mid 1980s. In contrast, hatchery releases have increased in Russia since the mid 2000s.
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