Title Application of Reproductive Physiology to the Advanced Study of Stock Productivity of Small Pelagic Fishes
Authers Michiya MATSUYAMA
Keywords small pelagic fish, resource management, biological parameter, reproductive physiology, captive stock, chub mackerel
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. supplement No. 4, 51-62, 2006
Although research on small pelagic fish resources, such as sardine, jack mackerel, and chub mackerel, has been ongoing over the last century, the process of stock productivity is not sufficiently clear. To clarify the mechanism of biomass fluctuation for assessing and managing the stock of resource fishes, it is essential to understand the changes in biological factors or resource characteristics that accompany biomass fluctuations throughout the life cycle of the fish. Models of biomass fluctuation mechanisms, recruitment assessment, and acceptable biological catch (ABC) are affected by the accuracy of the different parameters used in these models. In other words, obtaining accurate information on the biological parameters of a resource species can provide effective criteria for resource management or rules for fishery effort management. Reproductive parameters are an essential element in the egg and larval production models used to estimate fish biomass, and are routinely obtained in wide-ranging surveys by research vessels independent of commercial fisheries. Unfortunately, the parameters obtained from a survey sample do not necessarily reflect the actual biological information for the target species due to the potential for bias in the survey techniques used.
Recent advances in the knowledge of reproductive physiology and techniques for seed production in finfish have made it possible to breed and raise small pelagic fish in captivity. Experiments conducted in the laboratory have the advantage of greater reproducibility, and the information obtained can generally be accepted within the given conditions. Combining survey data with experimental analyses should help to clarify the actual reproductive and spawning biology of wild stocks. In this review, I assess the validity of biological parameters obtained from captive experiments using chub mackerel as a model species, and discuss its application to other resource fish species.
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull-b4/09.pdf