Title Reproductive Biology of Pacific Cod, a Review Especially Referring to Interannual Variations of Biomass, Age and Size at Maturity and Fecundity
Authers Yoji NARIMATSU
Keywords Pacific cod, age and body size at maturity, biomass, fecundity, annual
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. supplement No. 4, 137-146, 2006
The life history and reproductive biology of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) for several populations were reviewed. Tagging studies have revealed that each population is distributed and migrates only in a small area, probably resulting in the occurrence of many local populations. Fishes in high latitude have advantage in lifetime, disadvantage in growth rate, and thus few advantage in maximum body size over fishes in low latitude. Females spawn millions of adhesive demersal eggs once in a winter season. Followed by the review, annual variations of age and body size at maturity, fecundity were examined and discussed in relation to recruitment biomass, growth, and bottom water temperature for the Tohoku (the Northwest Pacific off Japan) stock.
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull-b4/19.pdf