Title Oocyte development of kuruma prawn: process of biosyntheses of yolk materials
Authers Keisuke YAMANO and Tatsuya UNUMA
Keywords kuruma prawn, ovary, yolk protein, thrombospondin, cathepsin
Citation Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. supplement No. 5, 25-29, 2006
A deep understanding of gonadal development and its controlling mechanism is indispensable for establishing the method of inducing maturation. In this study the process of cortical rods formation, which occurs at the final stage of oocyte maturation in penaeid shrimps, was examined. The expression of a gene for a cortical rod protein, the translation into proteins and the assembly of the protein to form cortical rods take place at the different stages of oocyte development. The gene for a certain proteolytic enzyme is stage-specifically expressed in oocytes at the early stage of cortical rod formation.
URI http://www.fra.affrc.go.jp/bulletin/bull/bull-b5/08.pdf