Press Release

September 29, 2011

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

New formula feed highly favored by bluefin tuna fry!
? Another step toward tuna culture independent from natural resources ?

  • Formula feed for bluefin tuna fry (25 to 120 mm long) was developed.
  • Tuna fry rush to the feed! Stable feed quality and efficient feeding procedure will assist the mass culture of bluefin tuna fry.

1. The Fisheries Research Agency investigated a feed texture that improves the preference of tuna fry jointly with Kagoshima University and Hayashikane Sangyo Co., Ltd., and developed a formula feed that is actively eaten by 25- to 120-mm-long bluefin tuna fry. The fry have grown as healthy and as quickly as those fed with frozen fish.

2. Bluefin tuna fry do not eat formula feed developed for the fry of yellowtail and red seabream and have been fed with frozen fish (mainly the young of Japanese sand lance, etc.). The quality of frozen fish is not stable because the degree of freshness and fat content varies by batch. Moreover, frozen fish must be kept frozen until the use, needing huge freezers, and requires extensive labor and time to thaw the bait four to seven times a day immediately before it is fed to the fry.

3. This development will enable bluefin tuna of 25 mm or longer to be cultured by using only the formula feed, which is expected to further stabilize the culture. The developed feed can be stored in a refrigerator, sharply reducing the labor and time needed for feeding the fish because the thawing process can be entirely eliminated.

4. An oral presentation of the study results will be given at the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Autumn Conference in late September. Hayashikane Sangyo will start selling the newly developed formula feed before the end of fiscal 2011.

*The results were obtained as part of a project for developing practical technologies entitled “Development of novel technologies for culturing tuna from artificial seeds,” for promoting new agriculture, forestry and fisheries policies by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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