2012/02/10 Good news for the culture of sevenband grouper
- Viral vaccine to resolve a longstanding problem -
2012/02/23 Conger myriaster spawning area discovered!
- Identified on the Kyushu-Palau Ridge south of Okinotorishima -
2012/02/24 World’s first discovery of ephyrae of giant jellyfish in the waters of China
- A step forward for advanced bloom forecast of the giant jellyfish -
2012/05/08 New system (FRA-ROMS) started
To forecast the oceanographic conditions around Japan and in the Pacific
2012/05/28 Continuous and closed-circulating rotifer culture system developed!
Achieving zero environmental impact and reduced costs
2012/06/04 Fast and simple methods for discriminating live Kumamoto oysters from Pacific oysters developed!
2012/06/18 Protect fish farms from red tides!
- Buoys installed for automatic monitoring of red tides in the Yatsushiro Sea -
2012/06/22 Towel nets developed for efficient collection and recovery of debris
2012/07/03 Successful development of low-cost hanging culture techniques for pen shells
2012/08/06 Laver extract cosmetics were developed
Opening up a new use of laver to increase consumption
2012/09/12 Oxygen deficient water masses were simultaneously monitored throughout the Ariake Sea
2012/10/19 A rearing technique for Alaska pollock fry developed by culturing rotifers at low temperatures successfully produced 27 thousand fry
A step toward understanding the factors causing fluctuations of natural resources
2012/10/31 The Pacific sardine continues increasing
2012/11/01 Development of a propagation technique for artificially-produced larvae of reef-building coral with high survival rate
[10-fold improved survival over conventional methods for the first time in the world]
2012/12/04 On the project “Urgent study on the sources and routes of high-level radioactive cesium contamination in fish” funded by the Strategic Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology