Press Release

May 8, 2012

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

New system (FRA-ROMS) started
To forecast the oceanographic conditions around Japan and in the Pacific

The Fisheries Research Agency introduced a newly developed calculation model (FRA-ROMS) into the numerical prediction system for forecasting oceanographic and fishing conditions around Japan and in the Pacific and started operation of the system. The new system uses an advanced method for processing monitored data to improve the accuracy of forecasts.

The current oceanographic conditions and forecasts for the subsequent two months calculated by FRA-ROM, such as seawater temperature and oceanic currents, will be available on the website of the Agency. Numerical data is also provided to fishery-related research institutes.

The oceanographic condition forecasts made by FRA-ROMS will be utilized for a wide variety of fishery-related studies, such as estimating fishing conditions, investigating factors causing increases and decreases of important fishery resources around Japan, and predicting drifts of harmful organisms such as giant jelly fish. The system will also be used as the basis for developing high-resolution models of coastal zones around Japan.

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