Press Release

August 6, 2012

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

Laver extract cosmetics were developed Opening up a new use of laver to increase consumption

The Fisheries Research Agency, the Seven Seas Corporation and Nichimo Co., Ltd. have jointly developed cosmetics that contain laver extract (extract of Porphyra yezoensis ) aiming to increase the consumption of laver and add value to the product.

The Agency discovered that laver contains amino acids (mycosporine-like amino acids, MAA) that absorb and mitigate the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays and activate the proliferation of human skin fibroblast cells, which synthesize collagen, and has obtained a patent*.

The Agency and the two companies jointly developed skin lotion mist that contains laver extract, and the Seven Seas Corporation started sales.

They will continue joint studies to develop new cosmetics aiming to contribute to the laver farming industry and to the “beauty” of consumers via natural cosmetics. The Agency is also investigating other effective methods of using laver.

* Patent No. 4973975, “Accelerator of fibroblast proliferation”

Product information:
Internet retailing sites: Recruit eyeco, Amazon, Shinkasoso
Stores: Shinkasoso Salon, “naturally” at Matsuzakaya Nagoya, “natural” corner at JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan
Sales agency: The Seven Seas Corporation

Photo of the product