2013/02/12 An onboard scale, net-casting device and new lure were developed for efficient hairtail tow-rope fishing
2013/03/11 A 100-year-old mystery about pearls was finally solved
- The first scientific evidence revealing the principles of the Japanese pearl culture technology -
2013/03/13 Nori genome has been unveiled!
2013/06/03 Spawning tanks for Pacific bluefin tuna have been completed!
- For stable production of artificial seeds -
2013/06/25 The population sizes of the Pacific stocks of Japanese sardine (Sardinops melanostictus) and chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) are continuously increasing
2013/0718/ Software development using smartphone-based data input for determining the energy-saving effect of fishing boat deceleration
2013/07/18 Formulating the research strategy of the Fisheries Research Agency on aquatic breeding
2013/07/19 The whole genome sequence of the Pacific bluefin tuna has been decoded. The Pacific bluefin tuna can distinguish subtle differences in bluish green colors.
2013/07/26 Success of advanced seed-production techniques in yellowtail fingerlings for aquaculture
- A new approach to prevent from harmful red tide damages to yellowtail aquaculture -
2013/07/29 First demonstration of the existence of genes resistant to a monogenean skin parasite (Benedenia seriolae) of the yellowtail
2013/10/23 International Symposium on Aquatic Metagenomics to be held in November
2013/10/23 The Miyako office buildings of the Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute is now complete
- As a research and development base for the restoration of coastal fisheries after the Great East Japan Earthquake -
2013/11/22 Success in the artificial production of juveniles of Black throat sea perch (Doederleinia berycoides), a popular and important fish in the Sea of Japan