Press Release

February 12 , 2013

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

An onboard scale, net-casting device and new lure were developed for efficient hairtail tow-rope fishing

  • Devices were developed for hairtail tow-rope fishery: an onboard platform scale to help selecting and measuring fish on shaking boats, a net-casting device and a new lure to eliminate the labor and costs of changing baits.
  • The devices will be applicable for various fisheries.

In 2011, the Fisheries Research Agency started to construct sustainable business models improving profitability for coastal boat fisheries.

As the first step, surveys have been conducted on a tow-rope fishery of hairtail (Trichiurus japonicus) in Usuki District of Oita Prefecture. In this district, two persons (usually a married couple) are onboard to catch hairtail. However, a new solo fishing method is strongly necessary to cope with a lack of successors in the future. In response to the demand, the Agency has developed devices for reducing the labor and ensuring the safety of onboard work.

These include an onboard platform scale, a device for casting nets, and new lure. The onboard scale can be used even on shaking boats. The net-casting device can smoothly cast nets without any assistance. Both devices were developed jointly with member companies of Oota-Koren (Oota Industrial Association, Tokyo) which have machine production techniques of the highest level. The durable new lure was developed under close cooperation with the top manufacturers of the lure. The developed devices and lure are relatively inexpensive and can be introduced easily to the coastal fisheries.

The devices and lure will be applicable for various types of fisheries. The Agency expects those to be common among the domestic coastal fishermen and to promote safe and efficient fishing operations.