Press Release

June 3 , 2013

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

Spawning tanks for Pacific bluefin tuna have been completed!
- For stable production of artificial seeds -

To complete the technical developments for the systematic and stable egg collection from reared broodstock of the Pacific bluefin tuna in the spawning tanks, the Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) launched the construction of a research facility for tuna aquaculture techniques in Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute in Nagasaki Prefecture in FY2011, including the procurement of the facilities and equipment. Currently, seawater has been poured into the tanks and a circulation test has been completed. The construction of the research facility has now been successfully completed.

Although the eggs of the Pacific bluefin tuna are currently collected from the reared broodstock in sea-cages at several locations under natural conditions, including the FRA in Japan, the maturational conditions of the fish and the results of egg collection are unstable because the conditions of water temperatures and photoperiod depend on the natural fluctuations. We will develop techniques for the systematic and stable egg collection from reared broodstock by controlling the environmental conditions, including water temperature and lighting conditions using the new research facility under research projects commissioned by the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council (AFFRC).

Pacific bluefin tuna