Press Release

July 18 , 2013

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

Formulating the research strategy of the Fisheries Research Agency on aquatic breeding

The Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) has recently planed its research strategy for genetic breeding to effectively and efficiently promote research on breeding of aquatic products and to appropriately address problems arising at the aquaculture.

The FRA has elaborated the stratagem on the creation of new phenotypic characters and functional of seafood products to improve the present aquaculture management in Japan through collaborations with researchers in prefectural research institutes, experts in aquatic breeding from various universities, administrative officers, aquaculture producers, and academicians in genomics research studies involving aquatic organisms.

The strategy aims to address the following areas: (i) the present state of development of techniques for genetic improvement in aquaculture, and (ii) the course of genetic breeding, including the aims and measures on how to achieve these aims. Through further cooperation with other research institutes, the FRA makes full use of the strategy and promotes innovative research and development to maintain or increase the productivity of aquaculture in Japan, to strengthen the international competitiveness of the industry, and to revitalize not only the aquaculture industry but also various other relevant industries such as the distribution industry and the processing industry.

Research strategy for aquatic breeding(