Press Release

October 23 , 2013

Incorporated Administrative Agency, Fisheries Research Agency

The Miyako office buildings of the Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute is now complete
- As a research and development base for the restoration of coastal fisheries after the Great East Japan Earthquake -

The Great East Japan Earthquake greatly affected numerous fishing villages and, in particular, tsunamis caused devastating damages to villages in the Pacific coastal area of the Tohoku region by depriving people of places of living and drastically changing the ecosystem in the coastal fishing ground. The devastating effect was unimaginable. Immediately after the disaster, the Fisheries Research Agency (FRA) has been made efforts in scientifically monitoring the recovery process of the ecosystem and to perform studies on resource management and fishing ground utilization, which are required in the restoration of coastal fisheries.

At the same time, the FRA has been reconstructing damaged office buildings through the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) and, finally, the Miyako office buildings, which was completely destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake, of the Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute, has been recently completed and will serve as the base for research on coastal marine resources. Fisheries science is an essence of technology development to sustainably utilize aquatic resources in the Japanese waters and the formation of a base for coastal fisheries research with long-term prospects has been expected. Completion of the state-of-the-art experimental and breeding facilities will provide momentum to the promotion of Japan's fisheries science.

Particularly in the Tohoku region, the decrease in the return rate of the salmon and the restoration of the abalone fishing grounds, which were severely affected by the disaster, have become extremely important problems that need to be addressed. The FRA will further promote research and development, which will contribute to the recovery of coastal fisheries that were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Based on the number of studies conducted, including the study on the influence of water quality and feed on cultured fish, the FRA has been actively performing even before the disaster.

Finally, the FRA has received enormous support from numerous people, including the MAFF, local organizations, and concerned individuals for the reconstruction of its facilities.

Picture: The Miyako office buildings of the Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute (rendering)