Press Release

May 22, 2015

Fisheries Research Agency

Start of the operation of the enhanced Japan Sea Data Assimilation Experiment (JADE2)

Since May 2008, the Fisheries Research Agency has made the JADE (Japan Sea Data Assimilation Experiment) available to the public. Here, we developed and started operation of the enhanced version of the JADE, namely, the JADE2, which has expanded coverage to include the East China Sea.

Present-status maps and forecast maps of water temperature and currents calculated by this system are available on our website (

We will make this system available to fisheries and oceanic researchers as well as the fisheries industry, such as for determining factors that contribute to the fluctuation of important fisheries resources, including Japanese common squid and mackerel, forecasting the catches of these species, forecasting the occurrence of large jellyfish, and its application to our Japan Sea Rapid Current Forecast System, among others. We expect that this new system will provide useful information to fisheries operators and other users of the sea, including the general public.

Fig.1 JADE2’s webpage